100 Best Oculus Go Games 2020

9. Cosmos Warfare

Cosmos Warfare brings the battle just in front of you and the entire cosmos is watching. It’s an FPS game where you join up other ships and battle the enemies the best way you can. The idea is to stay alive for as long as possible, but doing that is very tricky and you have to do everything in order to survive.

Space battles are always going to draw in a lot of attention, and this game is exactly what you need if you are into that sort of thing. Creating a huge space region in VR is definitely tough, but it pays off. The game is designed to offer tons and tons of fun, and the best part is that the game always pushes the boundaries as you enhance your experience and play all the time. Plus, the game experience is very intense and challenging, and it always encourages you to boost your skills as you play.

Cosmos Warfare Oculus Go

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