Are You a shopaholic? These 10 Useful Methods Might Help You

A shopaholic – is that you? Here is the thing, some people state that they are shopaholics when actually they are not while other people just say a firm, “No!” These are mostly the people who are keeping their shopaholic issues in secret. So, if you are shopaholic, self-confessed or not, and you want to cure this sweet addiction, there are 10 cures that you can follow to slowly stay away from shopping bonanza.


1- Get to know cash a little better and USE it!

Most shopaholics use their credit cards whenever they go shopping. If you want to cure your shopping addiction, you have to keep the card and get to know cash a little better and then use it when paying for your shopping items instead of the credit card. There are many benefits in using cash. For one, using cash when shopping or paying for anything will never ever hurt your credit score and credit rating. Moreover, cash is not like a credit card, which you can spend in advance and pay for it later. You have to earn it to use it. Once cash is consumed, you will have to wait for another payday or you will have to stare in hunger at all the fancy things you just bought, but cannot eat. Get the idea? It may be a little difficult at first since your cash at hand may not be as big as your credit limit, but that is just okay. Because of that, you will be able to re-evaluate what your true priorities are and you learn to only purchase what you actually need.


2- Forget credit cards and checks or at least minimize your usage.

One sure way on how to halt your shopping addiction is by forgetting your credit cards and your checks. If you are determined, you can even take this advice – cut those credit cards and checks. If you need to be reminded, the credit card interest rates are quite outrageous in such a way that it no longer balances the convenience that you are supposed to get when using credit cards. On the other hand, checks may not give the same interest rates, however, checks still provide that shopping temptation that you are wanting to avoid. With checks and credit cards, you will be spending more without actually thinking about the possible consequences in the future. If you cannot cut the card and check, just try to at the least minimize the usage – but this will take a lot of discipline.

3- Track your expenses.

This is another way on how you will realize how much you are already spending. So, if you will be using this method, you have to honestly write all, as in everything, that you have spent. Doing this will somehow make you realize or maybe even give you a scare on how much you spend in a week or in a month. And, hopefully, it will slowly decrease your shopping addiction.

4- Help yourself by avoiding the shopping areas.

You can do this by simply not going to the places where you frequently shop in. If you are not in those areas, you will not be buying anything impulsively. The number one culprit being a shopaholic would be the shops, both physical and online. Now, online is much harder to avoid since most people have a thing or to check online and going to online shops is easier. What you can do is block the usual shopping sites that you are frequenting or you can just stick to the plan of checking what you need and turn off your computer right after your task.

5- Before you obtain your paycheck, create your monthly budget and actually stick to it.

List down all your necessities for the month, including your bills. If you will be able to make a budget, you will realize what are the priority must-buys and must-pays. You will also see how much money you will have left and you can immediately put that in the bank for safekeeping.

6- Speaking of the bank, start saving some money.

Whatever amount you will have left from your budget list, you have to save that money for the rainy days and for emergencies. You can save your money by keeping it in a piggy bank or you can also go to a real bank and have it deposited there. While you are at it, avoid getting a debit card and just get the passbook, so you will not be able to withdraw your money anytime you like.

7- Use your shopping energy into more productive things.

The shopping energy of a shopaholic is not something that can be looked down upon. Shopaholics are beaming with energy and gusto. Instead of focusing that energy on shopping, try doing more productive things like doing a hobby or learning something new. Keep your mind away from shopping.

8- Be strong and stay away from debts.

Sometimes friends are so good to even lend you the money that you need to go shopping. However, you have to stay away from debts. You do not have to stay away from your friends, just politely and kindly refuse the money they are offering since you will have to pay for this later and your budget will just go stricter with debts around.

9- Make some rules for yourself.

Another way to curb your spending is by imposing rules on yourself. They do not need to be so hard, but they can be small conditions such as you will only buy a pair of running shoes as soon as the ones you are using now are all broken and used up. You can also check all the items that you have and apply the same case – if it is broken, that will be the only time you will buy a new one.

10- Get help if needed.

When everything you do to stop your shopping addiction just goes in vain, do not be shy and get help from professionals. Any addiction is tough to handle, especially if you are doing it alone. You can seek some help from your family and friends as well, so they can better guide you. You can also join groups who can help individuals like you who have addiction towards shopping.

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