100 Best Oculus Go Games 2019

Oculus Go is a very interesting and easy to use VR unit for phones. It’s an amazing way for you to experience VR without having to spend a ton of money on it. There are lots of cool options to consider and use here, and the fact that you are always in control is quite nice to begin with. But what games can you play on it? Here are some of the best titles for you to check out! 

100 Best Oculus Go Games
You can check the list here and read more about each title and why we believe it deserves its ranking in the following pages.

List of Top 100 Oculus Go Games

  1. World of Mazes – Episode 1 (Chapters 1 & 2)
  2. Bait!
  3. Temple Run VR
  4. Suicide Squad: Special Ops VR
  5. Dragon Front
  6. Smash Hit
  8. Shooting Showdown 2 VR
  9. Cosmos Warfare
  10. Land’s End
  11. Maze VR: Ultimate Pathfinding
  12. Poker VR
  13. Play With Me
  14. Herobound: Spirit Champion
  15. Oculus Arcade
  16. FindingVR
  17. Anshar Wars 2
  18. Dreadhalls Demo
  19. 405 Road Rage
  20. Herobound: First Steps
  21. PolyRunner VR
  22. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  23. Jigsaw Puzzle VR
  24. Sky Fighter: Training Day
  25. Dead Secret
  26. Dreadhalls
  27. Herobound Gladiators
  28. Darknet
  29. Dead and Buried
  30. Deer Hunter VR
  31. The Harbinger Trial
  32. VR Karts: Sprint
  33. Esper 2
  34. DRIFT
  35. That Dragon, Cancer: I’m Sorry Guys, It’s Not Good
  36. Zombie Strike
  37. Bandit Six
  38. End Space
  39. Drop Dead
  40. Solitaire Jester
  41. Jake and Tess’ Finding Monsters Adventure
  42. Bandit Six: Salvo
  43. Wheel Rush
  44. Pyramids Roller Coaster
  45. Wands
  46. Tomb Raider VR: Lara’s Escape
  47. Omega Agent
  48. Don’t Look Away
  49. Escape Room VR
  50. BombSquad
  51. 0110 Run
  52. Goosebumps Night of Scares
  53. Mortal Blitz VR – Escape The Darkness (Episode 1)
  54. Esper
  55. Space Battle
  56. CubeRun.VR
  58. Mr Cat’s Adventure
  59. Virtual Virtual Reality
  60. Dark Days
  61. Conflict0: Shattered
  62. Ping Pong
  63. Perfect Moon VR Edition
  64. Angest
  65. Death Horizon
  66. Snake VR
  67. Viral
  68. One-Man VurgeR
  69. Overflight
  71. Damnfields
  72. Evil Robot Traffic Jam Demo
  73. Daedalus
  74. The Hospital: Allison’s Diary
  75. Neverout
  76. Merry Snowballs
  77. RUSH
  78. Gumi no Yume
  79. Audio Arena Demo
  80. Age of Diamonds
  81. Protocol Zero
  82. Annie Amber
  83. Sammy in VR
  84. Space Dodge
  85. Gun Club 3 VR
  86. JUMP
  87. Rococo VR
  88. Proton Pulse
  89. Shooter’s Alley
  90. Slice&Dice
  91. Cubey Tube
  92. Ultrawings
  93. Ski Jumping VR
  94. Hidden Temple – VR Adventure
  95. Sea Hero Quest
  96. Sera: A Story
  97. Turkey Hunt
  98. Evil Robot Traffic Jam
  99. ElectroBeats

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Oculus Go Game Reviews – Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1051452461583340/?locale=en_GB

You might want to break out the Indiana Jones style hat for Hidden Temple – VR Adventure! This is a fun Oculus Go game that is currently being sold for under five bucks so as far as more budget-friendly releases go, this one here is pretty darn solid. If you are a fan of classic adventure games and point and click style games, you are in for a treat here.

The Story

I would say that the story, in all honesty, is probably the weakest aspect of the game. Do not get me wrong, it is not horrible or anything like that, but it is rather bare-bones. The idea is that you are a treasure hunter and you want to get as much treasure and ancient artifacts as you can, all the while trying to survive in this death trap of a temple.

While I say that the story is bare-bones, you really get the gist of what the deal with the game is very early on. To give the game the benefit of the doubt, perhaps there is not a ton of narrative to the game as they want you to really feel like you are an explorer who is trapped in this temple full of gold and traps!

The Gameplay

I really think that Hidden Temple – VR Adventure on the Oculus Go does a great job of making you feel like you are inside of this game. It is best described as a point and click style adventure game. You go from area to area in this temple where you will find various puzzles, traps, and treasure! Each area is pretty exciting as on your first playthrough you never really know what the game is going to throw your way.

Getting around is easy enough and the biggest “gimmick” that the game has is combining two items. You have to do this quite a lot, you will come across items and they are great and all, but it is using your adventurer smarts to figure out how to combine certain items to help you on your journey that you need to do. Some of these are rather cryptic, but others such as making a torch are pretty straightforward.

The Presentation

I really like the art style that they have gone for here and I think it looks great on the Oculus Go. I would probably say the game is best compared to the most recent Temple Run game. I say this because it has a very smooth and cell-shaded kind of style to it and it is quite popping. I love the different areas of the temple and going from an area that is all cave to one with lava looks really cool.

One thing that you will often read about this game is the height of the character you play as. It is rather hard to explain and I think they were trying to make the temple seem huge. However, for me it just made me feel like I was really short and I am short in real life so I do not need a VR game rubbing that in my face!

Final Thoughts

I think for a budget game, Hidden Temple – VR Adventure on the Oculus Go is a really fun time. It is made very, very well and some of the puzzles that it throws your way really will make you think. I liked how the game had a real emphasis on combining items to get through the temple and in all I do feel it is worth checking out.


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Oculus Go Game Reviews – Esper 2

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/779304552192363/?locale=en_GB

Let me start by stating that Esper 2 is clearly a sequel, but you can jump in and enjoy this without having experienced the first game. For those who love exploration and puzzle style games, Esper 2 for the Oculus Go is a game that you really do have to take a closer look at as it is one of the best in this genre.

The Story

Ok, so the story does follow on from the first game, but as I said do not let that make you think you cannot just jump into this. The game has you playing as an agent of this organization known as Esper. This organization is around to handle all of the people who are popping up with telekinesis abilities and you need to go and check them all out and make sure things are legit and not too crazy.

A huge part of what I love about the story of Esper 2 is the sense of humor that it has. It has a very dry and sarcastic kind of sense of humor and it is one that I really did appreciate. I would say that if you like the tone and humor that Portal had, you will really dig what Esper 2 is doing.

The Gameplay

Esper 2 is really cool in that it has a great variety of the locations you will be going to in order to complete your investigations. Usually, you will have to use telekinesis powers in order to solve some kind of puzzle. These puzzles will range in difficulty, but most of the time they will involve you moving something from point a to b or throwing something. You know the kind of stuff that you would expect in a game that has telekinesis as its main gimmick.

It works well enough with the Oculus Go controllers. It is pretty cool how they work as an extension of your hand and you do kind of feel like you have telekinesis. I like how when you do figure out a puzzle, you think you are the smartest person in the world. As much as I like the game, there are a few occasions where an item you are using can end up dropped and fall behind something and it is super, super hard to pick it back up again. This is really the only issue I have with the controls of the game.

The Presentation

Even though the Oculus Go is not the most powerful VR device in the land, Esper 2 is a pretty decent looking game. It looks far better than the first game does, but it is still lacking in the finer details, but I am actually ok with that. I say that because everything else, the areas, the stuff in each area looks good enough and it is decent enough that you are very immersed in this weird world.

The really amazing thing is the voice acting. I talked about the dry sense of humor before, but it is the voice acting that really delivers it. Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead fame is in this game and he is awesome. Actually, the whole cast is awesome and does a wonderful job of letting you know when you are screwing up.

Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed my time with Esper 2 on the Oculus Go. I have now played through it a couple of times and really enjoyed myself. The game plays great and has some rather fiendishly tough puzzles for you to figure out. However, it is really the story and the way that story is delivered that makes Esper 2 such a memorable experience for me.


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Oculus Quest Game Reviews – Vader Immortal Episode 2

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/2223615721048141/?locale=en_GB

To say that I loved Vader Immortal when I played it earlier this year is a massive understatement. I was worried about how long it would take for Vader Immortal Episode 2 to arrive on the Oculus Quest, but here it is! This is the killer app for the Oculus Quest and I was so excited to learn that episode 2 would be released so fast. However, does it live up to what the first episode started?

The story of Vader Immortal Episode 2 follows on from episode 1 (as you would expect) I think that those of us who are Star Wars fans can probably see what is coming here a mile off, but that does not mean it is bad. Vader has found out that there is something which can make him immortal and you are on the toasty hot planet, Mustafar to get it for him. I have really enjoyed the story so far and have to say you are nuts to play this before episode 1.

As much as I really enjoy the story that the Vader Immortal for Oculus Quest is telling so far. Episode 2 I must say is about half the length of the first episode. I was actually quite shocked at how soon it ended. You are probably looking at around 30 minutes of playtime, to get through the whole story which does feel a little short. To be fair though, while short, the game is still awesome if you are a Star Wars fan.

Once again, you are hacking and slashing your way through the game with a lightsaber and it feels fantastic. The lightsaber play in the game is awesome and a major highlight of VR gaming in general (especially thanks to the wireless nature of the Oculus Quest) but Vader Immortal Episode 2 introduces The Force to the game! You can now use the Force to grab things and throw them. The way this works is great you reach out to grab what you want to grand and then throw it. It feels so very satisfying. You know how good it feels in a game like The Force Unleashed to use The Force? Well it is even better when you do that in VR! It actually makes me excited to think about what other abilities further episodes may add.

Vader Immortal Episode 2 may have a very short story, but they have added in a mode called Lightsaber Dojo II which is a great deal of fun. Basically, you just fight off wave after wave of enemies and it is rather shallow, but this is the kind of thing that is just so much fun to do. I have fired this game up every couple of days since I purchased it just to have a few rounds in the Lightsaber Dojo and I am sure most other people will do the same.

I really am enjoying what they are doing with this series. There is going to be a lot of people talking smack about how short Vader Immortal Episode 2 is. However, I think the short story that is here is very well done and makes me excited to think about what could be coming next. Using The Force works just as well as using the lightsaber does and it is a great deal of fun to do.


You can now use The Force!

The story is great if you love Star Wars

Has a very authentic Star Wars feel to the whole game

I really enjoy the Lightsaber Dojo mode

The wireless nature of the Oculus Quest really shines here


You can beat the story in around 30 minutes

Will we get a new episode in 2019?

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