PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Skyrim VR

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Skyrim VR surely has to be the last release for this fantastic fantasy RPG game? I currently own this game four different times, including this version for the PlayStation VR! The big question though is does Skyrim VR for the PSVR offer enough to make it a worthwhile purchase for Sony’s VR headset?

Let me start by saying that if you have played Skyrim on the Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC or anything else… you know what to expect from the story here. This is the exact same story that you have played through before. As a result of this, I must admit sitting in that cart at the very start of the game felt like it took an age. That is of course until I started looking around and I saw how while the same this VR version of Skyrim was going to be a different kind of experience.

You can play this with the DualShock 4 controller, but I played it with the PlayStation Move controllers. In all honesty with you guys, if you have any other version of Skyrim already. Unless you have the Move controllers, you are really not getting the most out of this PSVR version of the game. The Move controllers work wonderfully well (so does the DS4 to be fair) and they make for a more immersive experience.

One of the things that I really liked about this game was that during the tutorial section of the game. You get to see just how much you can tinker with the settings. You can pretty much set the settings to how you like your VR to be. So, no matter if VR usually makes you motion sick, Skyrim VR for the PSVR will have a setting that you can tweak to help you combat this.

For me personally, in my VR experiences, I like to be able to move around as normal. Yes, it can make me a tad motion sick, but I feel it offers the most immersive experience. Moving around in Skyrim is nice and smooth and I noticed no blurring or anything like that. I would say that it looks just as good as the enhanced version of Skyrim that Bethesda released on PS4 a few years back.

The combat is what really makes the game a ton of fun! Playing with the PS Move controllers is awesome. Actually, raising your shield to block with one of them and then swinging your other hand to strike makes you feel like some kind of warrior like Conan! It controls very well and even using magic feels great! I really cannot praise them enough for how well this game controls. I actually went around looking for tons of fights, not just to get loot, but because they were so much fun.

This is a good thing as the story is the same as it has always been. So, in this regard, I did not exactly pay a lot of attention to what was going on as I had heard it all before. That is not to say the story in Skyrim VR is bad and I am sure if this is your first time playing it. You will love the fantasy epic that it is.

Skyrim VR for the PlayStation 4 is a fun time. While in theory, it is the same Skyrim you have probably already played. The move to VR works very well and it is one of the most immersive VR experiences I have had with my PSVR. This game tends to go for a very cheap price so it is worth picking up. Just one warning though, make sure you actually get the version that says Skyrim VR! This is not an add on for the standard Skyrim for PS4 it is its very own game.


Great use of the PlayStation Move controllers

You feel like you are in this world

It offers tons of content

Plenty of quests to do and loot to score

Skyrim really is a classic


The story is the same!

Not as immersive with the Dual Shock 4

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Beat Saber

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Beat Saber on PlayStation VR is a game that I have spent a lot of time with. Actually, I have spent a ton of time with the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go versions of Beat Saber too and I always have a great time. This PSVR version we are looking at today is a truly great game and one that is a really essential purchase if you have a PSVR setup.

One thing that I have to make clear right away is that Beat Saber on the PS4 requires not just the PSVR headset, you MUST have the PlayStation Move controllers as well. This is a game that does not support the DualShock 4 in any way. Before you start complaining. I must admit that I do not actually think that Beat Saber would work or at least be as much fun as it is if you did play with a standard controller.

So, what is the point in Beat Saber? Well, the idea is that you have two sabers in your hand. Each one is a different color and the idea is that you need to slash these boxes that are hurtling towards you in time to the song. While in theory, this sounds like something that is very easy. It is actually quite challenging as the boxes will have arrows on them and this dictates the way you need to slash them. This along with walls, boxes moving on you and so on makes for a frantic and challenging experience.

Beat Saber is one of the most addictive games on the PSVR. It comes with a ton of great songs for you to play with, but there are some DLC packs you can purchase. I have not purchased any of the PSVR DLC packs and still feel that there are more than enough songs for you to play with. There is a fun “campaign” and you can make songs harder, use just one saber and so on as well.

One thing that I really love about Beat Saber is the presentation. Not only is the soundtrack awesome and gets you pumped up. I love the light show that you get with each song you do as it makes you feel like you are a conductor at some epic concert. It looks amazing and so far, I would not really say that there is any difference in the visuals of any of the versions of Beat Saber I have played. What is kind of different though is the controls.

Beat Saber for the PlayStation VR is a great game and when it works it works flawlessly. However, I have had control issues with this version of Beat Saber that I have not with the others. Some times it is like one of the controllers will freak out and go all crazy, turning the Move Controller off and back on does usually fix this. Still, it is annoying when it happens, especially when you want to just have a quick session.

I think that Beat Saber for PSVR is a fantastic game. The controller issues happen less frequently than my complaining may have suggested to be fair. I really do think that this is a game that all PSVR owners need to check out as it really is an awesome time!


The game has an amazing soundtrack

Plenty of songs are included with the base package

The visuals are awesome

It is one of the most addictive PSVR games

You can alter the challenge to suit your skill level


The PS Move Controllers can freak out on you

I wish they would add more “free” songs

PlayStation VR Game Reviews – Astro Bot Rescue Mission

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There is a good reason that so many PlayStation VR packages include Astro Bot Rescue Mission. This is one of the best showcases of what the PSVR can do and it is also one of the most fun VR games that you will ever play. It manages to make great use of virtual reality technology. However, at the same time, this is a game that is actually a ton of fun to play as well.

It is crazy to think that those little robots that Sony introduced in their Playroom have become stars in their own right thanks to Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The story of the game is that you as the player need to help Captain Astro travel to different worlds in order to rescue all of the missing members of his crew. It is a pretty solid challenge as the game features five different worlds and 20 levels for you to explore. There are also boss battles and different challenges as well. I do wish that there were more worlds and levels, but to be fair that is only because the game is so much fun to play.

What I love about Astro Bot Rescue Mission is that it is not “forcing” the VR technology. This is just a fantastic game. It is a 3D platform style game and I think that in between Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World is the best way to describe the game. Captain Astro controls fantastic well and you as the player can use the PSVR to look around corners to find hidden members of his crew and places to go. You can even headbutt stuff and dodge out of the way.

Above all else, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a 3D platformer at heart, it just so happens to be set in a VR world. The platforming feels great and having to change your viewing angle so you can get a better look at a jump is neat. Captain Astro can punch and do a very handy spinning attack if you charge the punch. While getting to the end of the level is how you “beat it” you need to find the missing crew members on each level. These are sometimes hidden right in front of your eyes and other times you need to be a bit cleverer in tracking them down.

Captain Astro can also find “upgrades” these are called gadgets and can give him new abilities. These are the hook shot, shuriken, water gun, magic light, tight rope, slingshot, and gun. Each one is handy in its own way and they kind of work in a similar way to how Mario can use his power-ups to get through a level. I think that there is a nice number of upgrades for Captain Astro to get and using these can result in some very clever puzzles for you to solve, which usually result in you rescuing one of your missing crew members.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a truly amazing game. Not just counting the PlayStation VR, but all VR devices I have used. I would have to say that this is one of the best VR games I have ever had the pleasure to play. Without a doubt this is a must own game if you have a PSVR and if you plan on getting a PSVR, I really feel that this needs to be one of the first games you try out.


It has a ton of charm

The best 3D platformer you can play in VR

Some very clever uses of VR

Captain Astro can use different upgrades

The game offers a very nice amount of challenge


I do wish there were more worlds

A couple more boss battles would have been nice too