Oculus Go Game Reviews – Defense Grid 2 VR

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Defense Grid 2 was already a big hit on the PC and now the folks behind it have brought it to the Oculus Go. Already Defense Grid 2 was regarded as one of the best tower defense strategy style games around so many people were excited to see how the game would work in VR. Well I can tell you right away it works very well and many people are saying this is the best tower defense game you can get for VR.

The idea of Defense Grid 2 is quite simple. You need to defend your base and your energy cubes from what feels like a never-ending wave of enemies! The way that you do this is by cleverly positioning your towers at certain points of the map. As you progress through the game you can use special towers, get upgrades, new characters, abilities and so on that can all give you a strategic advantage in battle.

Defense Grid 2 is certainly not an easy game and just one wrong tower placement can cause utter devastation! Still, even if defeat, Defense Grid 2 is a game that is a lot of fun to play. While it does make you think, I really like how they have made the game fun too. The campaign has 26 levels and a few of these after the main campaign are made with VR in mind and these are quite spectacular.

Actually, speaking of VR, the developers clearly had a lot of fun in bringing the game to the Oculus Go. I say this because they have hidden all kinds of things around the maps. From things that will let you interact with stuff like bridges, lights on the buildings and so on to hidden power cores that will require you to really get into a map and look around to find them. This really is a great use of VR and I loved getting in close and seeing all the little details.

The campaign I feel is paced quite well. The tutorial really does hold your hand quite well and it teaches you what you need to know. The progression of the campaign is something that I enjoyed and I never felt that there was an unfair difficulty spike. Actually, any time that I failed in Defense Grid 2 I can say that it was always because of something that I did. There are no multiplayer options in the game, but there are leaderboards. However, there are ways you can tweak the game which give it more replay value. For example, you can make the game harder, have a certain number of towers that you can use and you can also play around with many other options which helps add to the fun.

I was very impressed with what Defense Grid 2 offered on the Oculus Go. I would actually say that playing this in VR is even better than playing it on PC. The way they make you have to look around buildings and pay attention to the layout of the map is very clever stuff. I do feel that some kind of multiplayer battle would have been great, but the single player content alone is going to keep you busy for a long time. Without a doubt, this is a game you have to play if you have an Oculus Go!


The presentation is great

The campaign has plenty of cool and badass characters

It offers the perfect blend of strategy and fun

One of the better tutorials I have played

Plenty of ways you can tweak the gameplay


There are no multiplayer battles

Some may still find it a little tough if new to this style of game

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Oculus Go Game Reviews – Ping Pong VR

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I know that when Ping Pong VR first came out people were less than impressed with what it offered. However, it has actually undergone a pretty significant update that has seen it become one of the most action-packed versions of ping pong that you can currently get on the Oculus Go.

The first thing that you have to talk about when looking at a game like Ping Pong VR is the controls. I think that for the most part, they work quite well. I felt like my paddle was actually doing what I wanted it to do most of the time. However, sometimes the game does kind of crap out and the ball would be stuck on the floor or the paddles would have a mind of their own. Coming out of the game and going back in did tend to fix this, but it is something I hope that they fix in a future update.

What I really like about Ping Pong VR is that it is a game that does not take itself too seriously. Sure, you can play your standard game of ping pong against an AI opponent or another player in multiplayer. However, I love the way the game also has some pretty over the top style as well. I think this is actually what sets it apart from all the other ping pong games that are available for the Oculus Go.

If you watch the trailer you can see how nuts that Ping Pong VR has gotten. My favorite aspect of it has to be when you can play using lightsabers! This is awesome and if you are playing with a fellow Star Wars fan you guys are in for a real treat. It makes me wonder why the heck there is no official Star Wars game like this yet. The lightsabers control just like the regular paddles, but they are a little thinner so a wee bit more skill is required.

Ping Pong VR keeps things interesting by having other weird things. For example, you can play with a bunch of flowers that will shoot their parts over the place as you play! You can even charge up a special move that will shoot fire at your opponent. This is really tough to deal with and the VR effect here is actually really well done. I do think that this help makes Ping Pong VR standout from the other VR ping pong games that I have played.

The art style that they have gone for is pretty cool. Rather than just being in a boring ping pong arena. They have made different arenas ranging from one that has a sci-fi twist to one that has a more fantasy feel to it. Now granted these do not really change anything from a gameplay point of view, but the different arenas do help keep things fresh.

I had a good time with Ping Pong VR and think it is one of the more fun ping pong games that I have played with my Oculus Go. Still, with that being said, it is not a perfect game and I certainly feel that they need to work on some of the bugs as it is very annoying when the ball just disappears or your paddle goes haywire. Still, for the price, this is a fun VR ping pong experience.


Different rooms add variety

You can play with lightsabers

Special moves make matches more unpredictable

Different game modes

It is quite a fun game to play


The ball can sometimes disappear or get stuck

Paddles on occasion have a mind of their own

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Oculus Go Game Reviews – Escape Room VR

Image Credit: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/go/869694586482674

When I saw the trailer and read the description for Escape Room VR Four Stories, I was all in! There are other escape room games on the Oculus Go, but I think that this one here is one of the most interesting ones of the whole bunch. So, if you have always wanted to be in a real escape room or maybe even feel like you are in a movie! I do think that Escape Room VR Four Stories is the game for you.

One of the things that really surprised me about the game is that there is actually a story at work here. They tell the story through these pretty cool comic book style cut scenes and I have to be honest and say that it is way better than I thought that it would be. As I write this there are four different stories that you play through, but the most recent one does require you to purchase it separately which kind of sucks.

Dirty Money, Crazy Kidnapper, Knowledge & Order and Salesclerk Revenge are the four stories to play through and that is the right order to play through them if you ask me. The visuals look fantastic and, in some places, I would go as far as to say that they look photo realistic. Some of the levels like the Crazy Kidnapper one also has a really creepy feeling to them as well. I really am quite impressed with the overall presentation of the game.

The actual gameplay sees you be in one of the scenarios and have to figure your way out of it. You only have 30 minutes to do this and that time limit may sound like a lot, but trust me when I tell you it is not! Chances of you getting through it your first couple of playthroughs are slim to none so you have to memorize things. There is a scoring system and different endings for you to experience so there is a bit of replayability here which is pretty nice.

While I think the idea and the presentation of Escape Room VR Four Stories is fantastic. The controls are not quite as precise as I would like. There is no free movement here, you teleport where you want to go and this can be a major problem. Many of the objects that you interact with will require you to be in a specific place to do so. For example, if there is something on a desk, you may not be able to pick it up from the back of the desk. It can be a bit annoying having to wrestle with this in order to pick something up.

I do not think that is game breaking and you do eventually get a feel for where you should stand and go. It just takes a little while to get used to, I know it would have been hard, but I really think that some kind of free roam movement would have made this one of the must-have games for the Oculus Go.

As far as escape room games go, I really did enjoy my time with Escape Room VR Four Stories and think that it is worth checking out. Just be warned that the controls can be a bit on the frustrating side and take a while to get used to.


Has different scenarios to play through

The presentation is fantastic

I really liked how there was an actual story

The game is very challenging

Plenty of reason to go back and play each room again


You have to pay extra for the last story

The controls take a lot of getting used to

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